Nicola Rubinstein (Visuals) | Thomas Haferlach (AI MediaArt) | Andreas Voelk (Sound)

DO YOU MISS THE FUTURE? - The absolute uniqueness and specialness of the present moment is to see if we will be able to apply our knowledge, control our destiny and thus influence which scenarios we will explore in our common future. The video collection is at once a catalyst for shaping reality, a middle ground between being and becoming, and an accomplished work of art in its own right. 

DO YOU MISS THE FUTURE? is an experimental, collaborative work by Rubinstein, Haferlach & Voelk. What is special here is that the videos were modified by Rubinstein's analog, painting with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Voelk's sound design adapts the sound world of AI. This work is absolutely unique and was created from pigmented, colorful paintings, by a producer from Berlin, who has newly developed this technique. Let us together create a powerful moment of beauty that will make the world more better for all of us.